Digital 56 Automatic Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning with Built-in LED Candler 220 V power consumption with solar option Over 98% Hatching rate Automatic egg turning. Digital temperature control. LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days. Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out setted range)

battery cages

120 birds chicken battery cages Birds are easily assessible, dont need after them, they can not be mistaken. Pens are neater as they are easily cleaned out. Health issues are better managed, sick birds are easily separated. Feeding and drinking are easily managed. Automation becomes possible. Cannibalism and egg eating is reduced or totally avoided Movement around pen is easier. Epidemy is easily controlled. It is only cost that can make liter preferrable, and over time cage becomes cost effective.

96 Layers Cages

Cage Capacity 3 tiers on each side( total 2 sides) of the frame 8 Nests on each tiers,total 24 nests one set 4 chicken per nest 96 chicken per set Features of chicken cages in kenya Automated controlled system; High rearing efficiency; Designed for layers; Floor saving and cost efficient; Easy maintenance and operation

Pellet Machine

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Many research and field trials have demonstrated an improvement in feed conversion with pelleted feeds versus mash feeds. Advantages of pellet feeds 1. Reduce dust 2. Reduce waste 3. Require less storage area 4. Reduce the appearance of hay belly 5. Prevent animals from sorting feed

Hydroponic feeds

This Full-Size Standard fodder Feed System features seven tiers of four 12′ long Premium GT80 Hydroponic Channels to produce up to 100kg of fodder feeds daily.

Grinder machine

Feed chopper/grinder machine 4 in 1 animal feed making machine has the following functions Grinding maize, soyabeans, omena, bones, wheat,cassava and all other grains Napier grass, fodder,grass cutter, hay and silage chopper, Maize comb,bones, crusher Mixer