Fertile Eggs Incubator

176 poultry incubator

Capacity: 176 chicken eggs, 126 duck eggs, 64 goose eggs Precision digital humidity control, digital temperature control Optional tray with egg turning motor with fully adjustable turning period. Dual-temperature controls. Automatic egg-turning, automatic temperature control, humidity control, and low temperature alarm. Set the controls once and chicken eggs will hatch after the normal 21 day incubation period with no intervention. During the process of incubation, temperature control, over-temperature alarm and egg turning are automatically done by the controller. Besides the control panel is easy to operate. Above all, the digital incubator controller is the ideal equipment for breeding poultry and rare birds and for small and medium-sized hatchery.

60 Chicken Eggs incubator

Professional chicken egg incubator, automatic controlling of temperature and humidity hatching rate more than 96% This a high quality egg incubator that is easy to use poultry eggs incubator are available in South Africa for hatching chicken eggs,quails and all types of birds. Top cover is transparent, fan position use dull polish process, nice, mellow heavy duty Operating control panel is inclined plane placed style,the oblique plane placed control panel so that the user operating experience better, customers can reduce stoop squat operation and other operation sanction, finger buttons efforts may also reduce. In the bottom of the incubator increase adding water holes, and configured to customers free water injection while add water plug and when not adding water can block water hole. Incubator for sale in SA

96 eggs incubator

96 chicken egg incubator Test your incubator to see if it functions properly. Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment. Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels. Set the eggs with the pointy side down. Close the lid and switch on the incubator. Press the reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from “0”. (this will also rest the egg turning countdown back to 1:59). Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channels when needed.(normally every 4 days). At day 18 you should remove the tray with the turning mechanism and place the eggs on top of he bottom grid.

264 Eggs incubator

It is suitable for the farmers and specialized households to incubate chickens, ducks and geese etc. Power on/cut: automatic control with power on; manual supervisory control with power cut.It can operate after power cut for 7 hours time; Specifications Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity;Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity.Using the world popular microcomputer technology, intelligent computer digital display, precise in control system. Capacity: 880 pieces of Chicken, crow, pigeon, pheasant, partridge,wild duck eggs. 630 pieces of Mandarin duck, turkey, peacock, duck eggs. 320 pieces of goose, wild goose eggs.

2112 eggs incubator

Eco chicks poultry specializes in the manufacture and export of industrial egg incubators,Family used mini egg incubator,Poultry feeder and drinker,Poultry cages,Poultry food machine. Turning system tilting the eggs 45° Once per two hour. According your actual request, you can set turning interval time you need. Big middle fan with automatic heating and roller humidifying system. Automatic air cooling system and automatic ventilator.

Eggs incubator 528

The 528 eggs incubator has a hatch rate of over 99% with all parameters of incubation regulated digitally. It’s a full automatic machine that turns the eggs by itself and self regulates and controls its internal working temperature,humidity and ventilation.Also fitted with an automatic water refill system

352 eggs incubator

Ecochicks provides eggs incubator in Kenya which are full automatic,newest outlook,various kind of controllers, High quality spare parts and poultry training while collecting the incubators. automatic control low power consumption long life span it can be used for incubating chicken eggs, duck eggs,goose eggs,quail eggs,bird eggs,ostrich eggs and emu eggs.

96 chicken hatchery

New Model 96 chicken hatchery egg incubator Best Seller 98% hatching rate 96 chicken egg incubator chicken in Kenya with micro-computer controlling temperature ,humidity &egg turning, automatic and reliable control system; can combine incubation and hatchery all in one;